Opinions: Gas Riots '99 - Jamaica, West Indies



Gas Riots: a commentary by John

     The last few days have undoubtedly been chaotic as the majority of us have remained locked in our houses awaiting the latest news report. There has regretably been damage to many businessplaces as unruly, criminal elements have taken advantage of the "peaceful protests".
   Aside from the innocent lives lost and the destruction of property, it has been refreshing to see that the Jamaican people still have what it takes to stand up and be counted. For far too long, we have sat idly by and taken everything the politicians have dished out, with our only response being the whisperings among friends that "times are rough". Now, at long last, we have made a stand and they will have to listen.
    On a final note, as far back as I can remember, this country has been divided along the lines of JLP/PNP (and more recently the NDM). For the first time in recent memory, we have seen those divisions removed and instead, the Jamaican people have come together as one against the injustices to the poor. Demonstrations have been anything but political and we sincerely hope that this marks the beginning of a new way of thinking in this beautiful land of ours.



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