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Affirmation - Self Suggestion by Neil

     This is an affirmation or self-suggestion. Like putting out what we really want. (Do we say when we want bread "You **!!!!!***???!-blablabla I don't want meat, I kill you if you give me meat?" No, we say, "Can I have a piece of bread, please?" right? Makes sense, so why do we go on like idiots when it comes to managing ourselves as a people and a country?

I Move Into Perfect Peace
I focus my attention on love as the only presence and power in the universe and rise in consciousness to a greater awareness of the peace that passes all understanding. I lift my thinking above any physical condition or situation and align with the perfect presence of peace, right here and now.
Love, as perfect peace, is greater than any physical appearance or situation. Any pain I may have felt has only come to remind me to refocus my thinking. I direct my thought of the peace of love to any area of discomfort, knowing that love's presence is all there is, anyway.
I focus my entire attention on peace, eliminating any and all consciousness that is not peace. As I focus, I see the light of peace and delight in what I behold. In this awareness, I mvoe beyond appearances to calm serenity as I let go and let love do what it does best: LOVE.



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