Opinions: Gas Riots '99 - Jamaica, West Indies



Gas Riots: a commentary by Robert

     While PJ may be thinking about considering, maybe taking a few cents off the gas tax, and while this may take just long enough to rehash the possibilities of how much he 'cares', just long enough to take the edge off the short - tempered Jamaicans who went back to business as usual today. (Who can possibly re-mobilise the entire country once shock has worn off?)
Short - sighted Jamaicans who don't realise that if the tax was coming off or down, the change would occur today, and any adjustment made later, instead of still collecting this illegal tax until such time as Omar gets tired of it, or figures out a whole new way to screw us.
Short - memoried Jamaicans cheered for a lot of crap during world cup (9M football, holiday tomorrow, Ritz reception, cabinet entourage flies to France for a week....ETC)
KIDDO! joncro building parliament bldg because the old one not in keeping with his illustrious new office, marble floors, etc. If these a..holes care so much, here are words of advice for them :- consider taking a 5% pay cut, which is generous, considering if it were private sector, they're a.. would have been fired long long time. Abstain from new Pajeros come august model year, abstain from lear jet as you don't need one to be a prime minister, If you're the only one who doesn't have one its because you have [messed] up sufficiently that you cant afford it! abstain from using the consolidated fund as your own wallet, to outbid Donald frigging trump for chateau's in Switzerland! By these simple rules,(be-attitudes!) the presidents for life need not be overly concerned for the length of tenure.
More time guys .. keep up the good work.



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