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What the World needs now is Love and Peace by Elle

[Editor's Note: The following is a response to an email sent out by NVI Media. NVI's e-mail text was presented to us and reproduced here. We believe that both Elle, and NVI media have a right to be heard. We have communicated with NVI to have a copy of the file posted here, and are awaiting the file. Peace.]

NVI Media wrote:

April 19, 1999....
Protests. Roadblocks. Vandalism.
RIOTS. What has brought our Jamaica to this point?
Everywhere our people are crying out "The poor can't take no more"

This is in no way meant to endorse the actions of those who have caused disruption and destruction, but rather to show solidarity with those peaceful and responsible citizens whose consciences will not let them sit silently under the oppression and injustice.

Bob Marley was wrong about many things, his lifestyle does not make him any type of hero in our book, nor do we share his religious beliefs. But there was one thing about which he was right in the words he spoke to our nation and the world:

"Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rights!"
"Get up, stand up! Don't give up the fight!"

Concerned citizens of Jamaica
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An NVI MEDIA production


Elle replied:

     Thanks for having us on your mailing list. The video is very timely; well made and well meaning, but we have a concern about including words about fight at a time like this. Since U mentioned Bob Marley: How can u choose to use a song that encourages VIOLENCE. "Stand up and fight" is violence and solves NOTHING. Look at it: the island has chosen for years to smilingly sing along to encouragement to fight and is now getting what it focused on. But what the people are not getting is, that you can't sing those kind of songs and expect peace. It's like eating poison and expecting to get well.
     All advertising houses know that negative advertising can be very dangerous. Have you thought about what you are selling here? What do you expect as a return from putting this out? How many people will view this, who will view this and will want to come to Jamaica? What kind of message are we putting out with this? Is this what we want to communicate to our fellow Jamaicans and the world. Are we saying that we are a country at war? Do we want war? All of these actions indicate that whoever puts them out does not want peace, for in order to get peace you have convey peace. Advertising works. Ask Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They want people to buy their stuff and only want to associate themselves with positive issues.
We appreciate that what you are putting out comes from meaning well, but the message is one of WAR and will attract more of the same. And we want to also know: who financed this project? Since you delivered it to my screen I have a right to know who is behind it and what their agenda is, more peace or more unrest? In my opinion now is not the time the focus on more fight. WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE AND PEACE. We must begin to put out what is calming and soothing so we can have more brotherly LOVE.
Concerned Citizen


[ We are working towards that, documenting the event, trying to showcase the bright that emerged from the dark. Ed.]



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